Ken’s Supplies ListPainting_Pallet_Final

Painting Supplies

Assorted canvases or panels, sizes may vary from 6″ x 8″ to no larger than 10″ x 12″
Prepare panels or canvases in light gray gesso or semi-gloss latex house paint.
Panels of 1⁄4″ birch, hardwood, and/or veneer Luaun board.

Ken’s Brushes
Suggested Brushes

(two of each of the following)

You do not need every brush, select the sizes you prefer

# 1 script or rigger, # 2 round, # 4 filbert, # 4 bright

# 6 flat, # 6 filbert, # 8 flat and # 10 flat

Mandatory Colors (oil paints)

Carbon or Mars Black, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cad Red Light

Cadmium Red Dark, Ultramarine Blue,

Alizaren Crimson and Titanium White

Recommended Colors (not required)

Phthalo Blue, Permanent Carmine (small tube)

DanaColors price list and paint chart sent upon registration.

Paint may be purchased at a 10% discount off retail price through Auster Studio.

Please order painting supplies two weeks in advance of workshop.

Additional Supplies

Painting Medium such as Retouch Varnish Linseed Oil if not using DanaColors oil paint

Gamsol odorless solvent

Portable Easel and Palette REQUIRED

Paper Towels

Sunscreen and Hat

Umbrella (Sun or Rain)

Rain Slicker

Clothing for Outdoors (temperatures vary from cold to hot)

Wear Darker Clothing (does not reflect light)

*Do not travel on planes with varnishes or turps